Disclaimer: This post has a few affiliate links in it, so if you use them I do get a kickback. It helps me keep the lights on around PA and offer free events like the 31 Days to Better Wedding Photography online class coming up December 1st. So if you appreciate all the awesomesauce free knowledge you get from PA, do me a solid and use my links. On the other hand if you hate me, don’t use these links but do use these services anyway.

I know there’s a lot of Black Friday blog posts out there with all the amazing deals you can get all over the internet. This is not the post with the ULTIMATE list of all the deals ever made in the entire internet for photographers this year. This is the blog post of deals, people and things I, personally, think you should be aware of. I’m only listing products and services I’ve used and love personally. Many of these are run by people I know personally and love their message and what they’re doing. There’s a lot of posts out there that just list everything for the sake of it and to make money. I mean I don’t mind a little kickback, but there’s lots of other things I could list that I don’t use and have no experience with just to make a buck. These are the people and things that I think matter, the services that I stand behind. These are the things I use myself. Some of these things I’m not an affiliate for (so I get no compensation for sharing them), I’m just an avid fan of the rad stuff they’re doing and wanted to share it with you.

  • How to Automate Your Business So You Can Drink More Wine and Watch More Netflix – On sale for $149 (usually $199) through 11/30. This class releases today! It has several modules that will go over things like how to automate your email marketing, your client emails, your Instagram outreach, your Instagram posting, your social media posting in general and a few tips to help automate your blog. All the things I’ve done in this course myself, so I’m your crash test dummy for automation. I truly believe (and can’t say it enough) that automating parts of your business is a huge lifesaver. You didn’t get into this business to spend 80 hours a week trying to work 40. You started a business to work less and have more time for the important stuff (or the Netflix watching) so the tools and techniques in this class can help you take your life back as a business owner!
  • How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing – This is a free class on affiliate marketing by yours truly. It’s a 26 minute long video that will introduce you into the art of affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what that is, well look to this entire blog post as sample. It’s full of affiliate links which, when you click on and purchase, may send me a small commission or referral fee. This is an awesome way to earn passive income as a photographer and something  every photographer can afford to incorporate into their blogs, emails and education with clients. If you’re already referring stuff to them you might as well get some extra dollars because of it!
  • Shootproof – Shootproof is doing 40% off annual plans for new users and 40% off upgraded plans for existing users. This is my favorite online gallery software because it’s the ONLY one with an automated email system. I utilize these automated emails to market print sales and more to my clients once I send them their gallery. If you want to know more about why I think Shootproof rocks my socks off go read 9 Reasons Shootproof is the Best and How Shootproof’s Automated Email System Can Help You Sell More!
  • Coschedule – They’re having a huge Cyber Monday sale to keep an eye out on! Coschedule is a social media tool that can help you schedule social media, even fully automate it. Plus it helps you schedule blog posts in advance to blast out to social media. That way you can write your blogs, schedule the marketing and know it’s all done for you. So make sure you head over and check them out on Monday!
  • Get Found with Fuse – At the time I wrote this post I had no idea what deals Fuse would have on her SEO tools and classes. I still don’t, but head over there and check anyway. Even if she doesn’t have a sale her SEO skills are WORTH IT. She’s an amazing boss lady who inspires me every day and she really knows her stuff!
  • Moo – Get yourself some new business cards.
  • B&H Photo – Go buy all your gear here! They have tons of different deals going on with all kinds of equipment!
  • Photography Concentrate – 40% off all Photography Tutorials. These are digital online tutorials and great for new photographers!!
  • Borrow Lenses – Use the code BF2016 to grab 20% off all orders through 11/28
  • Lens Authority – 10% off store wide. The discount is applied automatically! This is the used sales department of Lens Rentals (mentioned below). It’s the first place I go when buying new camera gear because you get quality gear, excellent customer service, solid shipping practices, and the best prices all in one. It’s pretty much too good to be true. Just a secret, I grabbed two D750s for sale with their 10% off on Monday for about $1400 each!! ZOMG! Get your asses over to Lens Authority and use them to buy all your used gear. Also if they don’t have it in stock, just find the listing anyway and sign up for an email notification when they have something in stock. They’re worth the wait.
  • Lens Rentals – Grab 25% off Rentals with the code: BLACKFRIDAY
  • Know YOUR Beautiful Campaign Tees – This is a campaign special to my heart because the woman behind it, LaJune King believes we should know what our beautiful is (so no it’s not a typo). She’s selling tees with her message for 30% off. Go grab one and use the code: KYBBLACKFRIDAY
  • Pixifi – 15% off! For photographers who need studio management software to help keep them organized, Pixifi is the shit. Yeah you can do online contracts and invoices to your clients, which is important and will help you get that paperwork signed and give you a better chance of getting paid faster. The real kicker for me with Pixifi is the amazing automation tools it has. You know I’m a killer for automating. Pixifi’s automated email system allows me to send out resources, tools, and information to my clients the entire time between when they complete their booking until long after their session or wedding takes place. This gives me a lot of room to use the affiliate marketing course mentioned above to make some passive income. Plus it helps develop a lot of trust through consistency by anticipating what my clients need to know before they need to know it. I get nothing but compliments from my brides and grooms about how helpful the emails are and it totally takes emailing clients off my shoulders. Now the reminders about wedding day timelines and what to wear go out without me having to make sure they do. The real reason I stand behind Pixifi is the owner, Tim. You could not meet anyone with more dedication to his customers and customer service than Tim. This is the guy who spent hours digging a client I deleted out of the archives for me. He always goes above and beyond. So when you invest in Pixifi, you’re investing in a true small business and helping Tim put a roof over his family’s head and food on the table.  I know people are hesitant to set up Pixifi because it seems overwhelming, or you tried it out years ago and it was too much. Tim has worked hard to make it easier and easier. I set mine up in about 3 hours or less all on my own and Tim helped answer questions when I needed it. So really – you need to just sit down and dedicate the time to the set up because you won’t be sorry after!
  • Fundy – Fundy is doing a 35% off sale. If you don’t know who Fundy is you might be like WTF Carrie this sounds like something weird. I promise you Fundy is awesome. First because the people behind Fundy are some of the best in the photography industry. They’re just kind souls and good people. I like to share good things that amazing people do. I’m not even an affiliate for them, so I get no kick back talking them up. Fundy is software for photographers. They have several different types of software that include album design, wall gallery design, creating blog collages and more. They have the best album design software in the industry in my opinion.

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