My business hours are as follows:
Winter Hours (November 1- May 1): Monday-Friday 8am-2pm MT
Summer Hours (May 2 – October 31): Tuesday-Friday 8am-2pm MT

If you need urgent help with something, I will help you as soon as I can during business hours. Please know I do not conduct Photography Awesomesauce business via Facebook messenger or Instagram direct messages. This is the best place to reach me. That said, below are some common requests I receive and may help you (and save my sanity)!

I just ordered a download product and haven’t received it yet. What happens next?
First, thanks for your order! I’ll check into it during business hours. Typically people haven’t received their download email because of 3 common things. One, it emailed it to a different email associated with their Paypal or the one entered with your order. Check all your email addresses, first. Second, it sometimes ends up in spam or junk mail folders. Check there! Third, you entered your email address incorrectly. Believe it or not…it happens all the time. 😉 If you still haven’t found it, contact me and I’ll fix it as soon as business hours arrive.

Hello! I want to be a guest blogger and already have a post you might be interested in.
Hey, fancy schmancy guest blogger! That’s great. I hope you’re sending me unique content that hasn’t been featured elsewhere, isn’t full of information to sell my readers your products or services, and doesn’t include a bunch of links to things you want to sell either. Those posts aren’t accepted here. I also prefer blog posts that are about our topic…so spammers, no, I don’t want your blog post about a toaster. Here’s information on how to properly submit a guest blog post.

Hey, Carrie, I’m going to email you and ask you for free advertising and exposure!
Sorry, not interested. When your free advertising requests to help with your exposure start paying my bills, then we can talk. Until then, please don’t bother.

Hello, Carrie! I saw your article about XYZ and want you to link back to my website in it so I can get some free exposure.
Nope, sorry. I don’t work for exposure.

We sell XYZ product and service and want to partner with you in general.
One of the singular most important things to me, running this blog, is being authentic with my readers and only sharing tools and services that I have personal experience with or absolutely loved. Remember, genuine product and service recommendations build loyal customers. When I recommend a product or service with my readers it’s because I truly love it and use it myself. If you think you have a great partnership idea please make me a very STRONG pitch below about how a collaboration will benefit both of us equally in the long term.

Carrie! We have a great opportunity for you. If you give us some free exposure, we’ll give you some back!
I love money.

I know you’re a busy person, Carrie, but I’m a spam robot and don’t care!
The only robots I like are BB8 and R2-D2

Good afternoon Carrie! I’m a marketing person trying to sell random third party products to you and your readers via “my client.”
Go away.

I’m going to send you some nasty hate email because I’m a person who has nothing better to do than spread negativity.
Take a number. I’m not for everyone and that’s ok.