Photography Awesomesauce is run by a one-woman show who also owns four other businesses. Therefore her hours are limited to Tuesday-Thursday 1:30-6:30pm MT. The best way to reach Carrie is via email in this contact form.

Don’t be afraid to email with questions if you need help with something. Those are the kinds of emails I actually love the most. That said, here are a few common email scenarios that may answer your question before you submit. If these don’t apply to you just scroll down, but if you’re awaiting a response and never receive one, these may be why.

Hello! I want to be a guest blogger and already have a post you might be interested in.
Hey fancy schmancy guest blogger! That’s great. I hope you’re sending me unique content that hasn’t been featured elsewhere, isn’t full of information to sell my readers your products or services, and doesn’t include a bunch of links to things you want to sell either. Those posts aren’t accepted here. I also prefer blog posts that are about our topic…so spammers, no, I don’t want your blog post about a toaster. Here’s information on how to properly submit a guest blog post.

Hey Carrie, I’m going to email you and ask you for free advertising and exposure!
Sorry, not interested. When your free advertising requests to help with your exposure start paying my bills, then we can talk. Until then, please don’t bother.

I know you’re a busy person, Carrie, but I’m a spam robot and don’t care!
The only robots I like are BB8 and R2-D2

Good afternoon Carrie! I’m a marketing person trying to sell random third party products to you and your readers via my client.
Go away.

I’m going to send you some nasty hate email because I’m a person who has nothing better to do than spread negativity.
Take a number. I’m not for everyone and that’s ok.