pinterest for business1. Add a “Pin It” Button to your Blog

You can add a little “pin it” button to your WordPress blog by installing a free plugin for the button or if you use Prophoto, just upgrade to Prophoto 5 and it’s automatically built in. That will add the “pin it” button to all of your images in your blog posts and allow all your photos to be pinned easily. There are also social media plugins you can search for that will add a pin button to the bottom of your post as well. Anything that allows people to more easily accomplish a task (like pinning from your blog) will help encourage them to do more of it and hopefully get your photos out there more.

2. Pin your Own Photos

The best way to get your work out into the Pinterest universe is to start pinning your own work. Once you do a blog post go ahead and pin your own work onto your own account and let others re-pin. It will increase traffic to your blog and you never know who may find you.

3. Use Descriptions When You Pin

A lot of people use Pinterest similarly to a search engine. When they type in something they’re looking for then photos with similar descriptions come up. Make sure that when you pin something you don’t leave the description area blank. I find it’s best to chose descriptions that have location-specific wording or describe what is in the photo. So, if I put up a photo of a bride’s bouquet I might put a few phrases in there separated by commas like, “Denver wedding flowers, purple and blue bouquet, tulip bouquet,” or any other phrases that actually describe what is in the photo.

4. Create Pinterest Boards that Express You

When you’re using Pinterest for business it’s a good idea to clean out your Pinterest boards, maybe keep some hidden that are your personal boards and then open up others that help show potential clients what you like. If you’re a wedding photographer that loves burlap and lace and vintage weddings it’d be great to have lots of Pinterest boards with those types of weddings featured on them. Pinterest is a great way to connect with clients over topics that you have similar interests in and show clients what it is you like to shoot best. Since my wedding photography business specializes in offbeat and non-traditional nerdy weddings all of my Pinterest boards are related. I have one Pinterest board in my business name, where I pin my own work. Then all my other boards are collected pins from other areas of the web. I have boards for Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings since those are things my clients and I share interests in. It makes my Pinterest fun for them to explore and helps me connect with potential clients over Pinterest who are interested in similar things. It is totally possible for clients to find you on Pinterest, inquire and book!

5. Be Aware of What You Pin and How People Use Pinterest

Since Pinterest is mainly used for ideas and planning you need to put yourself in the shoes of your clients when you pin. Instead of pinning my favorite candid shots and wedding photos with the most epic lighting I want to pin things like bouquet ideas, centerpieces, wedding decor, dresses, and things that my clients may be searching for when they use Pinterest. If I wasn’t a wedding photographer I’d probably pin cute newborn props, outfit ideas for family photos and those types of things instead. When pinning and writing your pin descriptions keep these things in mind and try to keep the focus on your Pinterest being a resource for your clients.

Carrie Swails

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