Photography Awesomesauce is a pretty rad place, and I think it’s pretty awesome you are considering sharing your knowledge with the readers. I get lots of pitches for guest posts via email and I can’t respond to them all, so your best chance of being considered is to go ahead and write your post and submit it using the information below!

What should you write?

Motivational and inspirational stories are my least favorite thing. Blogs should follow that 80/20 rule where 80% of the content is useful, practical tips that you can apply today to change your business. Useful information is the type of content I want to see in submissions. Here are a few ideas based on what the readership responds to best.

  • Wedding photography tips
  • Photo editing tips
  • “How to” posts
  • Business tips

Here are a few things people propose, and I automatically reject by sending the email straight to the trash can:

  • Posts you’ve written for another publication. I only want exclusive content.
  • Product Reviews
  • Posts that advertise something you want to sell. Sorry, no sponsored posts!
  • Anything that’s about self-promotion
  • Angsty life stories

How does this work?

  1. You get an idea for a blog post! Write it and come up with a title!
  2. You submit the blog post in the online application with all the appropriate extra information.
  3. You wait two weeks, and if your submission is accepted, you’ll get an email reply with a huge YES and an expected publication date. I only respond to a submission if I accept it. I do not send out rejection emails. It makes me too sad.
  4. Your guest blog post gets published on your scheduled date, you feel like an awesome unique writer, and share it with all your friends and family!

How do I decide what to accept?

I love each and every one of you that wants to contribute to making Photography Awesomesauce even more impressive with your knowledge and personal experiences. Unfortunately, I cannot accept every submission I receive. It’s not a reflection of your talent as a photographer. It’s about Photography Awesomesauce being a business and some content not being right for our tribe. Below I’ve listed some common reasons I reject submissions.

  • Too much negativity, bashing, and ranting
  • You’re a writer representing a company or marketing firm
  • You want to sell something to my readers
  • You’re all about that SEO
  • Too much angsty life story junk
  • Your content wasn’t helpful or resourceful for readers, or it was too short
  • There were too many errors in your post, and I don’t have enough time to make it presentable
  • You sent me photos to feature. I don’t feature photographers’ work.
  • The post was too similar to a post I already have on the site or a future scheduled publication
  • We’re all booked up for guest content at this time
  • Your content was not about building a better wedding photography business