If you’re anything like me, the thought of adding another item to your business to-do list may call for another pint of ice cream or jar of Nutella. But there’s hope. For the last few years, I’ve been running a great senior business without a senior rep or spokesmodel program. Believe me I tried and let me tell you it was an epic fail. My senior reps were shooting with the competition and not referring any clients and I had spent a ton on rep cards, swag bags, and t-shirts without any return on my investment. I couldn’t even get a genuine re-post on Instagram or a share on Facebook without asking first. I was losing the fight and decided to go against the grain and operate my senior business without a senior rep program. And guess what? It worked. Instead of depending on someone who possibly still forgets to turn in their homework to refer me business, I became the spokesperson for my business. And you can too.

Here’s how:

  1. Rock Your Brand. That’s right wear your own company t-shirt while heading to the grocery store, mall, movies, or running errands. You are best spokesperson and face of your company! Building brand awareness for your company is great and allows clients to “put a face with a name.” This is great especially if you’re in a new town or have recently launched your business.
  2. Be Your Own Kind of Awesome. Say goodbye to doing what your competition is doing. Be your own kind of awesome. Your senior clients will love you for who YOU are. If you’re into sports, Broadways and musicals, video games, or shopping, show them and share your awesome. They’d love to know more about the person who’s taking their photos and book someone they can relate to. Don’t be afraid to post behind the scenes of you doing your favorite hobbies on Instagram. You’ll be surprised how much they adore you for just being you.
  3. Be Visible. You can’t be the number one senior photographer in your market if you’re always behind your computer. Get out and be visible in your community. Whether it’s volunteering at their school, handing out business cards or flyers at the local craft show, being involved in the PTO or booster club, or attending sporting events. Teens would love to get to know you and your business.



Growing your senior business will take work but being active in your community and truly getting to know your clients will have the parents talking about YOU in no time! Before you know it teens will be talking about you and spreading your name with no strings attached!  I’ll tell you more next month about how I’ve built lasting relationships with seniors! Senior photography is all about building relationships with your clients.


Tomayia Colvin

Houston native, Tomayia Colvin is a nationally-published and award-winning senior portrait photographer providing modern senior pictures for HS seniors and teens in the Houston and Humble area. Colvin has a big interest in improving self-images of teens through photography. Tomayia is a full-time entrepreneur, the mother of two beautiful children, and best-selling author of Mya’s Big Adventures: Career Day.

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