Wedding Contract


I believe a solid contract template shouldn’t cost you your soul. Photography Awesomesauce’s contracts have been written and reviewed by lawyers who don’t just have a degree in law, but 20 years of contract-law experience in the courtroom. However, it’s always wise to have them reviewed by your own lawyer and make sure they are a great fit for your business. This contract has also been added to through the trial and error of running my own business over the years and includes a lot of areas I didn’t think about when I first started.
This wedding contract is a starting point to get you on your feet and start running your business in an official capacity. Did you know your clients take you more seriously and respect you more when you have a contract? I’ve used contracts even while shooting work for free just so everyone is clear on the expectations of my work.

The wedding contract is a downloadable Word document. It’s not full of fancy graphic design because I want you to take the text and copy and paste it into whatever format you send your contracts, whether that be through Pixifi by sending contracts online, putting it into Photoshop and making it look pretty, or however you distribute your contracts. The document has all the parts you want to consider taking out and changing highlighted in red for you, so you can easily set it up and be ready to go.

This contract is for weddings, but is very similar to our portrait contract. If you need both you’re welcome to buy both, or buy one and change out the terminology and information yourself. We have both available just to save you time and effort and of course for those photographers who specialize in one or the other.

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