Image Use Agreement


Have you ever had another wedding vendor ask for some photos to use in their marketing? Or had anyone want to use your work for their own commercial benefit? Many wedding photographers share their work with other wedding vendors for free and often times never get the credit or referrals they deserve and that’s where an image use agreement comes in.

An image use agreement helps define the expectations of image use by another party who is not your client or yourself. Specifically, someone like a wedding vendor who wishes to use an image and may gain commercially from its use. Whether you charge a fee or not, you do need to set some policies and standards in place with an agreement. This image use agreement template does not include information on how much to charge for specific image use, but you may add in an amount if you decide to collect a fee for image use.

This is an image use agreement designed to help you with your fellow wedding vendors and anyone else you may encounter who wishes to use an image to understand how to properly credit your work, redistribute it, and the details of being able to use it, which is not the same as a copyright. This is a simple template, and it’s intended as just that, a template. A template is something you need to customize and alter for your own personal use and, as always, Photography Awesomesauce suggests using this template as a basis to work with a lawyer on developing an agreement that follows the laws in your country and/or state.

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