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5 Reasons Fundy is Going to Change Your Photography Business

PHOTOGRAPHYAWESOMESAUCE.COM-2Back in October at United 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting Kate from Fundy. United had a mini vendor expo and Fundy had a booth. I kind of casually walked by and was like, “meh I don’t really do albums” because I don’t, but Fundy has changed me completely since then.

I have never pushed sales for albums because I’ve always pushed sales for canvases and wall images since they’re my favorite. Plus albums are such a pain to design. Let’s be honest clients can take forever to get back to you on proofs and then they’re a pain to design and ugh…by the end of it I hate doing albums.

Fundy completely changed everything for me. They got me hooked with Blog Collage, which is a better version of Blog Stomp (just in my honest opinion). Now I’m in love with the entire thing, the company, all the people, and I thought I should tell you why!




  • Blog Collage – This software is very similar to Blog Stomp. I have been a user of Blog Stomp for years – literally years. Unfortunately the service and quality I was receiving wasn’t my favorite, I just didn’t know there were better alternatives. I always struggled with getting the output quality right on Blog Stomp, but Blog Collage is seamless, easy and great quality. Blog Collage is a similar price point to Blog Stomp, so if you want to invest in a company that’s as invested in you – I highly recommend getting Blog Collage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.36.40 PM

  • Automated Album Design – Fundy is about to release version 7 of its design software, which features automated album design. Like automated as in…you pick the photos and voila it puts it in a layout for you. You can go in and adjust a few things here and there if you want to, but OH MY GOSH the time saving this will give photographers! I’m sold.
  • Gallery Designer – Gallery designer is the wall designing software from Fundy. You can design awesome examples of print and canvas layouts for your clients. This is such a great tool to show clients how sizes work and how bigger always looks better in the home.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.41.33 PM

  • Customer Service and Community – One thing I’m always looking for with companies I invest in as a business is great customer service and community. Fundy has that. I love the idea of investing in a company that’s also as invested in you. These guys are run by amazing people and they’re huge advocates for photographers. They really build products based on what you want and you can’t beat the feeling that you’re loved when you meet them in person or encounter them online. They truly are invested in learning and creating products that make photographer’s lives better and help you generate more business.
  • Direct Album Ordering – One of the best album design features is being able to send your design right to your favorite labs right in Fundy. That makes it so much easier to order albums. You also have proofing tools if you need them before ordering, but this makes the entire album design process so much easier!

Just wanted to tell you guys about one of my new favorite companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. I wasn’t paid to write this post and I get no kick backs. I’m just sharing about good stuff that I think can help you make your business better!


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Culling/batching in Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImdxRuEPLTw&w=560&h=315%5D

Hey Everyone!

This is a little video tutorial of  how to use Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw. It will also show you how to batch edit your images in Adobe Camera raw for a quicker workflow process.  I know there are probably a million ways to do this but this is just how I do it and thought I would share.  If you love working in Photoshop but the tiring process of opening images one by one and editing them is wearing you out… you need to learn how to use Camera Raw. I will walk you through what each button does in Camera Raw so you know, as well as, show you how I edit 10 images in about 5 seconds.  As a busy mother to a 2 year old and running a full time business, my time is very important to me. For that reason, I use Camera Raw to sync my edits quickly and then utilize the batch and automate options in Photoshop to take it a step further.  I know I talk quickly and I swear I said Umm a million times but hopefully this video will help you! If you are already familiar with Camera Raw but want to learn about batching, skip to the last 4 minutes of the video!

Thank you!




How Not to Follow the Photography Masses

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned photographer, watching social media and not getting jealous of other photographers is hard.  I’ve done it.  I’ve been there but they are them and you are you.  Remember that through this entire post!


When I first started out, I’d see all these gorgeous images flowing through my newsfeed, all these photographers with 5000,10,000+ fans on their Facebook pages and them posting that they were booking left and right.  I was jealous, not gonna lie.  I was jealous of someone I didn’t know, jealous of someone that I only “virtually knew” and jealous of someone that wouldn’t recognize me if I ran into them at Target but I would sure as hell know who they were.

You know what?  It didn’t matter.  It didn’t matter at all.  I was all caught up in wanting to be the next best thing that I was losing focus on MY business, on making my brand kick ass, on making my business about me.  It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t going to be the next rock star and you know what?  I am totally okay with that, TOTALLY!  I’ve met some of the rocks stars and they aren’t all that “rock starish”.  I’ve made some of the best photography friends with like minded people and not trying to be the next best thing.

My clients love me for the crazy things I do, they love me for laying all over the ground to get a shot, for stealing candy from the candy bar, for meeting at the bar for their consults, the list goes on.  My clients don’t hire me for having 20k+ likes on my business page, they hire me for my work and my personality.  My personality.

You are your business.  You are the face that the client sees and the one that they interact with the most.  Be you.  Laugh, joke, hell even cry, I have but most of all…BE YOU! 

Why You Need a Photography Mentor

Why You Need a Photography Mentor

When I first started my photography career, I didn’t realize the benefit of having a mentor who was in this business. I have since realized several very important things about why having one is such a valuable thing, especially in a creative business such as photography.

  1. Mentors have been in your shoes. They know where you are coming from and where you have the potential to go. They know how to grab their boot straps and carry on, lifting themselves and others up one step or one day at a time.
  2. Mentors can guide you, especially when you ask questions, towards greater growth and expanding your potential. They may not know what you don’t know which is why asking questions is so important for your growth.
  3. Mentors are usually at a point further along in their career than you are and therefore able to inspire you by their own business acumen.
  4. Mentors enable you to laugh at your mistakes without making you feel like throwing in the towel.
  5. Mentors (or at least good ones) encourage you to put your best foot forward even when you don’t feel much like it and even when you don’t want to. This enables you to get past obstacles you see as standing in your way when really they are just hurdles you are jumping on your climb to the top of your game.
  6. Mentors applaud you for your successes and don’t think you’re a fool when you fail. This one is critical, because if they are putting you down then they aren’t your mentor at all even if they have more or better experience than you do and even if they are where you want to be.
  7. And last, great mentors are so excited when you move past them and need to seek another mentor who can make you want to reach even further. They are your biggest champions and some of your biggest fans.

So take the time to seek out a mentor – find someone you admire and follow them on social media, comment on their blog posts (not just on Facebook) and send them a message asking if they would be willing to mentor you. Be understanding if they simply don’t have time – they have a life and a business to run also so they may not have time to take on another mentee. But it will make a big difference in your lives when you find the right mentor.

What I Learned About Being an Introverted Photographer




So you may or may not know this but I am an introvert. That means I generally don’t like being around people for too long, I’m terrible at starting up conversations, I like shopping by myself, and I like silence and alone time. Being introverted is a challenge, especially when you own your own business. I have to step out of my comfort zone to talk to clients and have to get to know people I’ve never met so I can best service them during their shoot. Since starting my business, I have learned a few things about myself and my introvertedness and thought I would share what I have discovered.


  1. I get awkared if you touch me- A hug is fine but anything past that and I might freak out. Physical touch is one of my love languages but only if I’ve known you for a long time. If you touch me (like put your hand on my shoulder) I literally don’t know what to do. Do I touch your shoulder back? Do I touch your hand on my shoulder? Your hand is on my shoulder, how do I not think about it being there? I just get really awkward and I learned that because one of my clients had so much fun during our session she couldn’t stop hugging me and patting my shoulder. Like, your welcome but, please stop lol.
  2. Do you need me? Email or text please- It’s true. I don’t like talking on the phone. I know it’s a little absured for someone who has a business but I much prefer emails. I will talk on the phone if a client asks or calls me first but I never look forward to it. A phone call for me takes mental preparations so a warning before you call will be appreciated!
  3. I just finished a wedding, I don’t want to go out for days- Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph but after 6-10 hours of constantly being “on” and being around so many people, recoup days are definitely necessary. Not only am I usually physically tired but also I’m mentally and emotionally drained and need some major recharging.

So there you have it. Us introverts may be quiet, may need some alone time, and may not liked to be touched but it’s not because we don’t like you. It’s just ’cause we were born that way.