Happy Monday Awesomesaucers! I’m sure you’ve all seen that Instgram is rolling out some big changes, making it harder and harder to reach your audience. While change is hard, today I’m sharing three ways to Instagram for your brand, creating consistency and reaching your audience.

1.) Mix it Up – Only showing business posts can get boring, out of all the mediums, Instagram gives your audience the easiest access to you and your awesome personality. Post pictures of -gasp- yourself every few posts. Your feed doesn’t have to be non stop styled perfect everything, a mix of personal posts showing who you are and what you like PLUS images showing what you want to shoot is a great way to curate your brand beyond your website.

2.) Be Consistent – While it’s fun to go crazy with your personal posts, remember you are still building up your brand. Consistent editing of the photos you post will keep your Instagram feed clean, you can even try to use your branding color palate as inspiration, and stick to those colors. Try to be consistent with your posting day too, so you aren’t going weeks without new content.

3.) Know Your Message – Instagram’s not only to show your recent work, but to attract future clients. Once you know your message, use that to your advantage. As yourself, does this photo portray my message? If so, post it! If not, find another one that speaks to your ideal client. If your message is lets say, bright and fun, posting dark, super moody serious images isn’t helping you attract the type of client you want down the road. Pick two or three words that define your ideal client and use those as the threshold to what work gets posted online.

4.) Interact with Your Audience – Encourage questions, and spend a little bit of time each day commenting and replying to comments on Instagram. The more interaction you have, the more likely those people are going to see your photos in your feed (yes, sometimes you have to put the social in social media). The biggest thing that has helped this not take over my life has been turning off notifications (counter intuitive right? No….totally works!). I found I’m much more motivated to interact and schedule in 5-10 minutes to comment and reply to posters if I haven’t been seeing notifications all day long. Instagram should be fun, so don’t make it a chore!

While we have no control over Instagram’s features, we do have control over what content we create which will attract an audience that can help your brand. Get out there, take a selfie, and connect to your ideal client!

Elizabeth Haase

I’m a fine art wedding photographer currently calling Wisconsin home. I love film, 80s movies and breakfast for dinner. I’m a wife, and a mom to three seriously amazing little girls. I believe Sundays should be for adventuring and that every day calls for a coffee run.

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