leader-Hiring a second shooter you haven’t worked with before can be anxiety inducing. What if they don’t show up? What if they shoot at f/16 the entire day? Whether you are new to shooting your own weddings, or need to hire a new second shooter because your regular person isn’t available there are a few things you should always remember. Here are four tips for hiring your very first second shooter.

  1. Always Have a Contract – This should be a no brainer, a contract protects both of you. It should be clear and precise and include payment terms, how images can or cannot be shared and how you expect files delivered. 
  2. Meet Them Before the Shoot – If at all possible, meet with them in person before the wedding. Go over all the details for the day. Ask them questions, become friends. It’s so much easier to break the ice beforehand than during the craziness that is a wedding. 
  3. Pay Them Promptly – Imagine working 10 hours for someone, and then at the end of the night they tell you oh well I forgot my checkbook. Not cool right? Make sure paying your second is part of your pre wedding prep. Unless you’ve worked it out beforehand of course, make sure you have their payment ready to go before they leave. 
  4. Be Clear- Giving clear and precise directions to your second shooter is vital to getting the images you’ve imagined from them. Tell them your shooting style, which lenses you use and the apertures you regularly shoot at. Overshare. Your second shooter can’t read your mind, so letting them know your expectations beforehand will reduce confusion later on.

Working with a good second shooter can be immeasurable for your business.  Finding solid seconds doesn’t have to be scary! As long as you have a good business plan in place and give clear directions it’s the start of a wonderful relationship!

Elizabeth Haase

I'm a fine art wedding photographer currently calling Wisconsin home. I love film, 80s movies and breakfast for dinner. I'm a wife, and a mom to three seriously amazing little girls. I believe Sundays should be for adventuring and that every day calls for a coffee run.

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