Q. What are your hours?

A. Photography Awesomesauce is a one-woman show. While I love what I do, it’s important to me to have a work/life balance. I ask that you please respect my hours and understand that I strictly do not respond to business requests outside of them.
Winter Hours (November 1- May 1): Monday-Friday 8am-2pm MT
Summer Hours (May 2 – October 31): Tuesday-Friday 8am-2pm MT

Q. How Can I Contact You?

A. Just use the contact form in the menu! The best way to reach me is via email. I know it can be tempting to shoot me a Facebook message or Instagram direct message if you’re having trouble with an order or need specific help. Please know I only respond to Photography Awesomesauce requests during business hours via email. It helps me so much when I can keep all business-related requests in one spot.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my downloadable products?

A. Downloaded products are delivered immediately to your email inbox. Haven’t received yours yet? Check your spam or junk folders to see if they landed in there. If you still can’t find them, please email, and I’ll respond during business hours.

Q. Can I advertise with Photography Awesomesauce?

A. Sorry nope! I do not offer an advertising program. I am very particular about the quality of the products and services that I recommend to my readers and therefore the companies I do recommend on my website are ones I have personally used. Many of those companies have an affiliate program I use to help pay to keep the lights on around here. Some companies I also contract with as an ambassador or sponsor of their products. Again, I do not talk about products that I don’t use or wouldn’t recommend to readers. I also don’t advertise for companies for free either, even if you’re just looking for a simple link in a blog post. If you want to work with me on a sponsor, brand ambassador, or affiliate basis, please email, and we can discuss further.

Q. Do you accept guest blog posts?

A. Yes, but only exclusive content created for Photography Awesomesauce. Content must be educational and about the business of wedding photography. Please don’t bother emailing me telling me you’ve written a post you think my readers would love…blah blah blah…and it’s filled with marketing links for crap I don’t like. I am NOT interested in that kind of proposal. Our guest blogger program is for educators writing unique content. It works on a submission basis. You can submit your content, and if it’s accepted, then it’ll go live on a scheduled date. To find out more about the guest blogger program visit the guest blogger submission page.

Q. I love your blog and would like to share an article of yours with readers of my blog? How can I do this?

A. Thanks for your interest! I so appreciate that you love Photography Awesomesauce enough to want to share it with others. Blog articles and all content at Photographyawesomesauce.com is copyrighted. If you’d like to share, please do with only a link to credit to our website. Copying and pasting our blog articles to your site violates copyright law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). When I find other sites copying my content directly to their platform, I do handle this legally by asking for the content to be removed. Failure to do so will result in further legal action. Don’t make the embarrassing mistake of having this happen to you. It’s not fun. Write your own unique content!

About Our Products

Q. Does a lawyer review your photography contracts?

A. Yes! There are lots of opportunities to purchase contracts online from all different types of resources. I think a basic contract should be affordable and reviewed by a practicing lawyer. Sure, you could buy contracts from someone with a law degree, but unless they’ve been in practice for many years, they won’t have the experience that an experienced practicing contractual lawyer does at evaluating a contract. My contracts are the exact ones I use for my very own business. A practicing contractual lawyer based in Colorado reviews them. Regardless, I strongly recommend that no matter where you decide to purchase contracts you have your lawyer review them to ensure they are right for your state, city, county, or even your country and ensure that they will hold up in the courts of your location. Contracts should also be reviewed to ensure they are specific to your business type as well. Purchasers of contracts at Photography Awesomesauce also agree to the Terms of Service.

Q. I can’t get my products to download, help?

A. There are many reasons your download may not work. When you click the download link in your email, sometimes the files download automatically and land in a “downloads” folder on your computer. Check there to see if there’s anything you missed before emailing. If you still can’t get your files to download, please email me, and I’ll do the best I can to help during business hours. If all else fails, I’ll renew your download link so you can try again.

Q. What file types are your products?

A. All of our contracts are Word documents so they can be edited, copied and pasted into another format or customized to your needs. You will need word processing software to open these documents. Software like “Word Pad” has been known to cause glitches with regular Word documents, but you can get free software like Open Office if you have no other options.

Q. I purchased some digital downloads and have not received them yet. Where are they?

A. Provided your payment goes through all products are digitally delivered to you within minutes of finishing your order. If you do not receive an email with your products, please be sure to check your junk or spam folders. Often missing products are hiding in there since the email arrives from a place your email address doesn’t recognize and contains multiple links. That causes many email companies to categorize our emails as spam. Sometimes your product may arrive in another email address if your account email and Paypal email address are not the same. Check all your email addresses!

Another mistake is having an old email address associated with your Paypal address. Unless you specify otherwise, your digital products will arrive at your Paypal email address. If you don’t have access to it, you’ll want to change it as soon as possible.

If all else fails, it could be you misspelled your email address when ordering. Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. Just email me, and I’ll sort it out for you during business hours.

Q. Do you mentor other photographers?

A. I used to, but now I’ve put all my useful educational content to work in online courses that you can watch and download on your own time. Plus it’s more affordable!