Welcome to our Facebook group. I’m guessing you’re here to see what our rules are or maybe you’re new and want to join our group! It may take awhile for your request to be approved, but if it hasn’t been within a couple weeks shoot me an email using the contact page here on the website to see what might have happened. Often times if you haven’t been approved it’s because I can’t find any evidence on your Facebook that you’re a photographer. We don’t want stray clients to stumble upon our group so I like to ensure only photographers are joining. If you want to join, but don’t have any evidence on your profile that you’re a photographer (because maybe you’re new or a hobbyist), just shoot me an email with the contact form and let me know! 

Here’s the thing about Facebook group rules I want you to know. I’ve chosen these rules because they allow me to create the type of atmosphere and tribe I want for Photography Awesomesauce. I want to create an atmosphere where drama isn’t welcome, there’s no self-promotion, and we’re all here for learning and community instead. You are responsible for your actions and choices online. This means there is no warning service in the group, which is why I suggest you read below. Things in the “no” category below are deleted on sight. If you have a problem with these policies, this group may not be the place for you, and that’s okay with me.



  • Facebook Live videos
  • Promoting yourself, your work, or your business in any way shape or form
  • Asking for likes on your photo or sharing a photo from your page to gain likes
  • Critiques
  • Advertising other companies or businesses
  • Selling your camera gear
  • Ranting about other photographers in the industry whether they’re newbies, famous celebrities, experienced photographers, or hobbyists
  • Bad attitudes
  • Icky spam


  • Photography and business related questions and discussion
  • People who support each other and lift each other up
  • Asking a question you’re embarrassed about
  • Supporting diversity in the photography industry
  • Learning about wedding photography together
  • Asking for advice about a client
  • Creating a community where people of all walks of life and all photography experience levels are welcome