The Federal Trade Commission (in the US) requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I write about a product or service.

I (Carrie Swails) am an affiliate of many of the products that I discuss and recommend on this website. What this means is that if you purchase a product by clicking on a link or image on this site I may earn an affiliate commission. You should assume that I will earn a commission on any product that you purchase after clicking on links or images on this website.

I only work with companies and products that I trust will be a good match for the photographers reading Photography Awesomesauce, and I wouldn’t endorse just any old thing that comes my way. In fact, I’ve turned down more advertising opportunities (and big moolah) than you could imagine because I want to ensure I’m only referring stuff that I LOVE to you. That means that the affiliate links here might not get me big money, but they do help me pay for the cost of hosting such a big website, and sometimes I get wine too.

When I speak at a conference or event, I do not pay a registration fee for that event. Some conferences also waive registration fees for that event for one or more of my colleagues or a traveling companion. Sometimes I pay my travel and hotel expenses when I speak at an event.

Some of these companies I have worked with (past or present) and received compensation (money or otherwise) from are listed below. Not every company on the list partners with me. Some I just post about because I love what they do or what they stand for without compensation. They’re all companies I have worked with and loved. You may find links to them and information included in blog posts or on my favorite resources page. When I include links in a blog post, I provide a separate disclosure reminder just so that you know what’s up. Ultimately it’s important to me to be legal with the information I provide you!

  • Get Found with Fuse
  • The Blink Conference
  • Shootproof
  • Pixifi
  • B&H Photo Video
  • Fundy Software
  • Borrow Lenses
  • The Modern Tog
  • Digital Photography School
  • Prophoto
  • Coschedule
  • Moo
  • Photography Concentrate
  • Showit
  • Showit United
  • CG Pro Prints