What is Photography Awesomesauce?

Photography Awesomesauce is an archived blog. Archived means the informaation and content is available for you to continue reading for a limited time, but no new content is being made. Photography Awesomesauce opened in April of 2012 and has seen many different faces, guest bloggers, in-person events and online courses over the years. It started as a simple WordPress blog with a random URL name I bought as I explored the idea of blogging all the things I learned while my business went full time.  What it became was something I had never expected.In almost 6 years over 9.5 million unique readers have visited Photography Awesomesauce and it’s given me so many opportunities to reach an audience and change people’s businesses through my own knowledge and experiences. It sounds super cheesy, but I feel pretty blessed I had this opportunity.

Now, you’re probably wondering why something this awesomesauce would ever shut down?  I think as humans our journey, goals, and lives can change drastically as time moves on. For me, Photography Awesomesauce was just the start of a bigger journey and message I want to get out to the world. I’m thrilled it was so helpful to newer photographers in its time, but I am so ready, thrilled and excited to move on to where I believe life’s path is leading me right now – to a place full of intention, possibility, and the opportunity to really make a big change in the entrepreneur world.

That said, you can’t take the teaching out of the teacher, so you can still find courses and tools for photographers over >here< anytime. If you’ve signed up for one of the more recent online courses, it’s still available for you. I’ll be adding more of your favorite courses and content available online at my “For Photographers” section as time goes on, but I’m excited to put my blogging and business energy into a brand new project over at Feminist Disrupted! Keep up with what I’m up to over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

To all the people still looking for free advertising opportunities, free exposure, guest blog posts about nothing related to photography and other spam stuff – the answer is and will always be No. 😉