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How Shootproof’s Automated Email System Can Help You Sell More Prints This post contains affiliate links, which means Photography Awesomesauce receives commission if you make a purchase using affiliate links.

Whether you’re a print based photographer or a digital files types of photographer, who doesn’t want to sell more prints? Selling more prints = more income, so I’m assuming everyone is on board with this idea. There are tons of ways to structure your business to increase sales, increase bookings and sell more prints, but I think one of the most underutilized tools that I’d like to hear more about in the photography industry is Shootproof’s automated email system. In general, I feel the power of automated emails is underutilized, but if you’re a Shootproof user, or just someone who uses online galleries this tool can definitely help you sell more prints.

Automated emails are basically a system of pre-written email templates that you can schedule to go to anyone who has entered their email in the gallery based on when the gallery’s expiration date is or another date. There are tons of great ways you can utilize an automated email workflow in your business, but Shootproof’s tool is the one we’re specifically talking about today. If you’re not familiar with what Shootproof is, they’re an online gallery system for photographers that allows you to connect with a professional print lab to offer prints to your clients, or self fulfill print orders, or sell/allow digital file downloads to your clients. There are tons of other great features they offer and I recommend reading about them in this blog post if you’re new to the online gallery world or are thinking about making the switch.

Below are a few ways you can use Shootproof’s automated email system to help you sell more prints. If you decide you’re interested in using Shootproof, use the code: SWAILS25 to take 25% off any annual plan when you sign up!

  • Discount Codes – There’s a concept that photographers talk about where when you initially deliver a gallery to clients you also provide them with a discount code for ordering prints. The discount can start out at whatever percentage or amount you want, and over time you can actually lessen the discount to give clients incentive to purchase prints sooner rather than later. Shootproof’s automated email system can be a great way to utilize this type of selling tool. You can have automated emails go out reminding them of the discount, or that the discount will go down on a regular basis after the gallery is delivered. It’s so much easier than trying to remember to email your clients yourself. The best part is that you can attach the gallery link to these automated emails so clients don’t have to go back and look for it in past emails or somewhere else.
  • Gallery Expiration Reminders – You can’t keep your client’s photos up forever, okay well you probably can, but one way to encourage print sales is to set a gallery expiration date after your clients photos are delivered and send out emails to remind them to order prints before the gallery expires. You can set the date whenever it best suits your business model, but using Shootproof’s automated email system you can send out those expiration reminders on a regular basis so your clients know exactly how much time they have left to order prints. A lot of times after you deliver an online gallery, especially if you’re a digital files kind of photographer, your clients will download the files and forget that they wanted to order prints or they will plan on doing it later. Gallery expiration reminders let them know that it is “later” and they should order their prints soon through you before they lose their chance.
  • Send Out More Info – I’m a really big fan of diversifying your income and at the same time providing extra resources for your clients. One of the things I do in business is become an affiliate for companies I like. When you’re an affiliate for a business you get a custom link and can provide it to other people. When they purchase something through your link, you get a small percentage of the sale. A great way to diversify your income streams as a small business owner is through affiliate opportunities. I used to really love creating my own newborn announcements, or save the dates for my clients, but when I really focused on what I loved to do in business I found those things weren’t one of my favorite tasks to do. Often clients ordered their own anyway, so now I’ve taken advantage of that and become an affiliate for Wedding Paper Divas (wedding save the dates, invites and thank you cards). You can even become an affiliate for Minted or Tiny Prints. If you’re not interested in selling and designing your own card or press products, and you’re already referring clients to services like these, you might as well become an affiliate and get a little kickback for sending your clients their way. I use Shootproof’s automated email system to provide clients with links to these kind of resources. I’m open and honest that I’m an affiliate and I get a commission when they use the links, but I’m happy to ask for the sale and let them know that if they appreciated working with me and are going to order through these services anyway that I always appreciate the kickback. Clients love it and so do I. There are also other sources you can include in automated emails, like links back to blog posts you’ve written about why clients should order prints through you and not through Costco or Walgreens, or blog posts about the difference between professional and consumer print labs. You could also link back to blog posts you’ve written that showcase your wedding albums, or canvases or talk about any other products you sell. Write a blog post about cropping ratios and how they work when ordering prints so your clients have that resource when choosing sizes, and then include a link to that blog post in an email to clients, or just write an email about it and work it into your automated workflow. There are so many great ways to use this resource. I also know that there are going to be a few naysayers out there reading this bullet point and thinking I’m nuts for sending my clients to places like Wedding Paper Divas to order press products when I could do it myself and make more money or provide a higher quality product. I know this and I’m not advocating my way is the right way or that everyone should do that, but it is what works best for my business and my workflow and it makes me happy. I always advocate that you do what works best for you and your business, I’m just here with ideas that have worked for me and you can take them or leave them. 😉
  • TemplatesShootproof’s automated email system lets you create templates in advance and then assign those templates to a timeline of when they will send the email. Instead of always writing something brand new, you can work off templates when you deliver the gallery and you can always go in and personalize it a little bit before you send the email (if you’re not automating it and just using a template to manually send it through Shootproof). Templates can help you cut down on time too!

This option on Shootproof is one of my favorite tools they have. We all know I’m a fan of automation, and why not do as much as you can to increase print sales and provide resources and information to your clients? One thing about these emails in Shootproof is that they send to everyone who has downloaded a photo in the gallery – so that means the emails will go out to anyone in there and not just the client. At first I wasn’t so sure about how I felt about that, and I’d love an option to send an email to just the assigned client in the workflow, but I figure sending it to everyone the clients shared the photo with (and specifically those who have downloaded or ordered photos before) is a good way to maximize print sales and profits. These people always have the option to unsubscribe to the emails if they don’t like them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.38.33 PM

The links to Shootproof in this blog post are my referral link and I do get a commission if you sign up with them, but I wouldn’t send you somewhere I didn’t love and I really truly love Shootproof and everything they have to offer the photography industry. They’re an amazing company that really loves on their customers, so if you’re looking for an online gallery who is as invested in you as you are in them, these guys are the place to go!

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9 Reasons Shootproof is the Best – Product Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Photography Awesomesauce receives commission if you make a purchase using affiliate links.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.09.48 AMIf you follow Photography Awesomesauce you’ll know that I’ve been through my fair share of online gallery companies.  I’ve tried most of them in the past few years and I’ve learned there are a few things that are really important to me:

  • A user friendly interface
  • Top notch customer service
  • Great downloading options
  • Lots of storage

I first tried Shootproof several years ago and wrote this review. At that time digital downloads were still a newer thing for photographers. From there I tried other services as the technology changed and got better. Ultimately, I’ve come back full-circle to Shootproof again and wanted to write an updated review on why I’m loving it right now. There are a lot of great companies to chose from these days, but here is why I’m sticking with Shootproof!

  1. Unlimited Photo Storage – Shootproof’s unlimited storage option for photographers is one of the more affordable ones. I love that I have no worries about running out of space. I’ve even moved personal photos, travel photos, and really old client sessions onto Shootproof just for that extra online backup. Why not? Shootproof’s unlimited storage is $60 per month right now (at the time I’m writing this blog post – it may change), but there are sometimes great deals like the one I got ($360 for an entire year). I got that price around the time of WPPI (the world’s biggest photography convention). Even if you don’t need unlimited storage there are still a lot of great pricing options.
  2. Automated Email System – I’m a very busy person and Shootproof’s automated email system makes my life easier. Now, I can set up emails that will go out at various dates based around a client’s online gallery date. If you’re loving online print sales for your clients these email systems will help you sell, by automatically reminding the client of sales you have, gallery expiration dates, etc. Set up a few automated emails to remind your clients about their online gallery and watch your sales increase without much effort on your part!
  3. Order Fulfillment – Shootproof has some amazing options for print orders. You can self-fulfill when your clients order, meaning you do all the work yourself when it comes to printing and fulfilling the order. You can also have Shootproof fulfill the orders for you from one of the labs they’ve partnered with. ProDPI is my favorite print lab so it’s nice to automate that print process and just let clients order prints and they’re sent automatically when they’re ready!
  4. Print Release – If you’re selling digital files in any way, shape or form Shootproof has you covered. Anytime a client downloads you can have Shootproof send a customized (and automated) print release right to the email address of the downloader. It definitely helps you enforce any special printing rules you’d like, or usage rights if you’re sharing photos with publishers, venues, or wedding vendors.
  5. User Interface – One of the things I wished had been changed a lot sooner was the back-end of Shootproof. For many years it wasn’t as user friendly as I would have liked, but this past year they did a MAJOR overhaul and the new user interface is really amazing, easy to use, and easy to understand!
  6. Easy Downloads – When I’ve had other online galleries offer downloads to my clients I’ve historically had more issues with clients downloading than I ever had with Shootproof. I think the downloading options on Shootproof are easier for your clients to find and the process is easier for them to understand. Some of the other systems I’ve used have confusing wording or the download button isn’t front and center. So far in the last 6 months with Shootproof I haven’t had any reports of clients having trouble downloading their photos!
  7. Customer Service – There are a few online gallery systems that really focus on building a community of photographers around them. Some of these places ended up prioritizing the community above the actual product and in my opinion the product suffers because of it. While Shootproof does have a Facebook group and a community of users, their priorities are all about creating a great experience for you as a photographer and your clients. Every time I’ve needed some help with Shootproof they’re quick to handle the problem and provide a great experience while at it. While some companies are really focused on their communities I really love that Shootproof puts its customers first and doesn’t want to build a community around them full of exclusivity and drama – they just want to provide a simple and GREAT product. That makes me happy. I’m not a fan of industry drama to begin with and it’s nice that Shootproof focuses on what they do best – online photography galleries.
  8. Client’s View of the Gallery – I love that Pinterest-y style look and I’m so glad Shootproof now has that option (they have for awhile). I just think it lends itself to storytelling so well!
  9. Gallery Introduction – There are several ways you can structure and set up a gallery, but my favorite thing about Shootproof’s options is that instead of uploading a photo to a gallery with wording to remind clients how the gallery works, you can customize an intro (like the photo below) to remind people to download or order prints, or whatever else you’d like. I think this simple statement helps improve online gallery sales bunches!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.09.28 AM


There are a couple of things I’d really like to see in Shootproof’s future. One is the option to move photos around inside the gallery after I upload them. Sometimes I’d like to change the order, but right now Shootproof doesn’t have this function. The other is the layout of a gallery if it has several smaller gallery albums within it. While it’s an okay view to open up a gallery and see 6 or 7 small thumbnails that lead me to different other parts of the gallery (see the photo below), I’d really like that display option to be different. It’s not a big deal to me though and my clients seem to love their galleries regardless. However, these are very small details and knowing how Shootproof prioritizes their customer’s experience, I’m confident updates will be out in the future that create more options for customizing galleries.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.09.34 AM

I can’t wait to see what Shootproof comes up with in the future and how they can make things even better! I’m pretty sure I’m with them for the long haul! If you appreciated this review at all (or my past one), I ask that you please pay it forward by using my affiliate link when you sign up for Shootproof! Also, if you’d like to get 25% off any annual plan with Shootproof just use the code: SWAILS25!

Product Review – Shootproof

UPDATE 5/30/13: Since this blog post was written I no longer use Shootproof as a way to send online galleries to my clients and use Pixieset exclusively. At this point in time I wasn’t very thrilled with Shootproof’s interface compared to some of the newer services that emerged on the scene. Some of the features of Shootproof have also changed quite a bit since the original date of this post. 

UPDATE: 3/11/15: Since the last update and even prior I’ve experimented with PASS, Zenfolio and a variety of online gallery options. Last week (as of this update) I went to WPPI 2015 and got to check out Shootproof’s amazing new user interface. A lot has changed since I originally wrote this post two years ago, but I continually get referrals from it. I was so impressed with the amount of changes, features, and customer service at their expo booth that I made the switch back to Shootproof and am SO EXCITED about their new interface they are releasing later this Spring (2015). Some of the information below may still be really out of date, because of age of this post, but I’m looking forward to writing a new Shootproof update in the coming weeks to show off all their amazing new features. I’ll link it here when it’s ready so you can continue to follow my journey all the way back around 3 years later to Shootproof – clearly they were always the dudes for me!

UPDATE: 3/21/17: Still using and loving Shootproof so much. To see some updates on this review head over >here< and >here< and make sure you use the coupon code: SWAILS25 to get 25% off any annual plan with them!

Now onward to the original post…

When I first switched from Smugmug to I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me. I mean paying monthly for storage of a certain amount of photos, what if I needed more? What if it ended up too expensive? What if I didn’t like shootproof being my middle-man?

In the past when I used Smugmug I really didn’t enjoy having them be the middle man to all the orders, having to request my payments and only receive them once a month. If a client’s order had something go wrong I had to send them to Smugmug and couldn’t fix it myself very easily. In order to offer the best customer service possible I was searching for a place where I could give my clients an online gallery, allow them to order online and I would be able to set the prices and fulfill the orders myself. was my best option so I tried it out (they have a free trial) and loved it. I was able to set my own prices, fulfill my own orders and change my pricing plan for how many photos I wanted to be on there depending on how much I needed.

One of the things that has always stood out to me the most with Shootproof is the customer service. A few days ago I got a personal phone call from someone who works there just to thank me for sending them referrals and other photographers. A phone call just to thank me is a pretty big deal in my book and just awesome. Now I’m looking forward to meeting the people behind the scenes at the WPPI conference in March!

1. Product Quality: 5/5 Awesome service. The options with Shootproof keep growing. You can chose from a variety of price points and plans. Basically I feel as though their options are endless and the staff is always adding new features. Everything is very intuitive and easy to use, and easy to find. You can customize your price lists and set everything up to fulfill orders yourself or you can chose one of the labs that shootproof offers service with and have the lab fulfill any online orders. The best part is you can have the lab fulfill only certain things and not others. I’m currently moving to a new lab because I had some sad customer service issues with Simply Color Lab who I’ve recommended in the past. One of the best parts of being with ProDPI is that they fulfill orders through Shootproof. I’ll be setting up my whole online ordering system so any prints will be automatically fulfilled by ProDPI and the canvases, albums and other press products I’ll fill myself with my other preferred labs. They have several other labs you can choose to work with as well, or you can choose none of the labs and fill all your orders yourself with the lab you like best.

2. Customer Service: 5/5 Basically any place that’s going to take 10 minutes out of their day to chat and thank me for my referrals would really get an above and beyond rating. This really stands out in my book. Places that make that extra step just to thank you are worth working with because you know they truly care about their customers. I’m incredibly impressed.

3. Ease of Use: 5/5 As I said before, the website is super easy to use. I’ve never needed to ask for help. It’s very intuitive so things are easy to find and easy to manage. I also love that when I get an order I get paid right away for it so I can get my client’s order in right away and don’t have to wait like I used to with Smugmug.

Anyway it looks like I’ll be sticking with for a very long time and I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the faces behind their excellent service in March. Any company that goes above and beyond is just the absolute best in my book! Make sure to hit up their website >< and give that free trial a go.


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in BlogStomp

blogstomp review, stompsoftware reviewWho needs BlogStomp anyway? You can just do all of the resizing and watermarking inside Lightroom, right? What’s the point? These are the questions I’ve often heard asked and even asked them myself. I was a user of BlogStomp a long time ago. Maybe around 2012 and let me tell you, its features were not always as robust as they are today. It was just convenient for creating collages for my blog, making the images smaller and putting my watermark on them because I was too lazy to bother dealing with it in Lightroom. Eventually, I strayed away from watermarking altogether and BlogStomp did not get used as much, if at all.

Something changed for me though. I had the opportunity to meet the faces behind BlogStomp at WPPI in February. I really liked them. I loved their commitment to providing an even better level of customer service. I also just loved their personalities. I thought, now these are the kind of people I want to invest my time and money in. Between BlogStomp and AlbumStomp (their companion album automation software) they really want to make their products affordable and accessible for photographers new or experienced. I love that being affordable AND amazing is something they want for their customers. I love it a lot. So I gave BlogStomp another go and let me tell you…I’ve totally been missing out all these years. In a nutshell. BlogStomp makes life easy. It is SO MUCH MORE than making collages and adding watermarks. Sure you could do all that in Lightroom, but what if you could prep images for multiple types of social media, blogging and even post those things on your social media or blog and do all that without even leaving the software program? This is amazing. Here are the 10 things a lot of us didn’t realize they could do inside BlogStomp.

Before you dive in, pay attention. If you use the coupon code: ONEDOESNOTSIMPLYSTOMPINTOMORDOR you can get 20% off any individual purchases in the StompSoftware store. If you purchase something that’s already bundled then it’s already discounted, but if you just want to pop in and buy BlogStomp, use the code!

  1. Write a blog post and publish it to your blog from right inside BlogStomp. Okay I’ll be honest here. I’m a blogger. I have been for years and years. It’s hard for me to write blog posts. I find going directly to WordPress incredibly distracting. I just open a new tab and peruse Facebook or get lost in Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube. Then suddenly, three hours later I realized I’ve wasted half my work day. Since then I started using the software, Writeroom, a Mac app I downloaded. It just blows up and takes up the entire computer screen and I type. I can’t format anything I type and it’s completely plain looking. It is the only way I’ve been writing lately. It gets rid of all my distractions and temptations. But now? Now I can just type everything right inside BlogStomp, which is also a downloadable app that doesn’t make it easy for me to go shopping on Modcloth when I should be working. With BlogStomp you can connect your blog with a variety of different platforms, not just WordPress. Then you can start writing, add your pre-formated “stomped” images and either publish right now or upload it as a draft, where you can then log in and schedule for later. That’s the option for me since I’m one of those people who likes automating things and scheduling them in advance. This is so good!!
  2. Share albums directly to your Facebook. If you’re like me and you dread logging into Facebook because it’s such a huge distraction, you can just upload your freshly “stomped” photos from BlogStomp straight to your Facebook business page. That’s right, you won’t need to worry about logging into Facebook and seeing depressing political posts on your feed as you navigate over to your business page and wait for Facebook to slowly upload your photos. You can just do it all in BlogStomp and avoid Facebook like the plague it often feels like.
  3. Send tweets with the images you just prepped. Connect your Twitter account and start tweeting those pretty new photos! Who needs to actually send a photo to your phone and then upload it and write a tweet there, or log in from your desktop? Just do it straight from BlogStomp and don’t worry.
  4. Upload a gallery directly to Shootproof, Smugmug, Zenfolio, or Photoshelter. If you use one of these gallery software companies (Shootproof is my favorite), you can upload a gallery directly from BlogStomp. Just one more convenient feature making BlogStomp a program that does a lot more than just collages and watermarks. If you’re interested in Shootproof you can use my exclusive code: SWAILS25 to take 25% off any annual plan when you sign up. Seriously just do it. Shootproof has so many amazing features. You can find more information about Shootproof on the blog!
  5. Crop images for a Facebook timeline cover and upload directly inside of BlogStomp. I’m forever looking up the size of a timeline cover because I don’t change mine often. Instead of worrying about looking it up, opening Photoshop, which uses a lot of memory and slows down my computer I’m just going to do it in BlogStomp and make my life simple.
  6. Create collaged images with a colored box and text. Did you know you could basically use the collaged images to create invitations, marketing announcements, sales, and other fun stuff? You can make a collage where instead of it being all photos, one of the squares can have color, or maybe multiple do. Then you can drop in text with any font you have saved in your computer and make whatever you want. I can absolutely see using this to throw together blog post graphics, quick ads for social media when I have a sale, or anything I might need in this realm. It’s so freakin’ cool you guys! You can even pull colors from the images in your collage and make the boxes those colors. You’re not stuck with only primary colors, you can make things with an exact color match and it’s so easy!
  7. Save custom image frames to use again. Did you make a collage frame you love and may want to use in the future? That’s cool, just save it and use it again. Done.
  8. Prep images for Instagram and have them emailed to you. I love Instagram, but they do not make it easy to upload images, am I right? You have to email them to yourself, crop them…bleck. The whole process could be easier. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide a good crop on my little phone screen too. Now I’m just going to use BlogStomp’s Instagram prep tool to make my square crops and have the software just automatically email the photos, and then I can upload from my phone without all the hassle. It’s simple and easy. It makes sense too. The images you are typically running through BlogStomp are the highlights from your sessions and weddings. These are the ones most likely to end up on social media anyway, so why not have these kinds of tools all in one place? You could prep a bunch of your highlight reel images and have them all emailed to you, then post them throughout the next week to boost consistency and engagement on your Instagram account.
  9. Put the software into day and night mode so it’s easy on your eyes. This is pretty cool. You can turn the “backdrop” black or white in BlogStomp, just to save your eyeballs from being overwhelmed. Day or night mode. LOVE IT!
  10. Add alt tags and title tags to images when you use blog with WordPress. Saving you tons of SEO time. If you’re a WordPress user, like many of us are, now you can add your alt tags and title tags to images when writing your posts inside of BlogStomp. Isn’t that crazy simple? It uploads with all your search engine optimization (SEO) ready to go for your images. Now you don’t have to go in and input your SEO one image at a time inside of WordPress.

Basically, BlogStomp is not just here to help you create cute little collages and watermark your images. It is now this hugely robust software with all kinds of gadgets to simplify your life and automate some processes that maybe you didn’t know about! I’m so glad I came back to BlogStomp and found out about all these cool features that I had missed out on. You know what else happened recently? I did a wedding expo and in the big move we had recently I lost my booth sign with my logo. I looked everywhere for it and felt completely frustrated. I had no time to get a new sign printed. I also didn’t want to make a crappy one on my printer or with poster board from a craft store. How lame woud that look? So I ran my imags through BlogStomp and did the “white tab” option for a frame, put my logo pretty large on that white tab and batched all the photos I was going to run in a slideshow on my iMac. Now I could just use my slideshow as my “sign.” Worked out perfectly and totally saved the day!

I am also diving into StompSoftware’s album designer, AlbumStomp. Looking forward to writing a post and telling all of you about it. If you want affordable album design software that has specs for all kinds of print labs built in, and even an automated design feature? You should just get the whole package of StompSoftware. Don’t forget the code for 20% off any non bundled purchases in the StompSoftware store: ONEDOESNOTSIMPLYSTOMPINTOMORDOR

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The Photographer Black Friday Sale List by a Lady Who Actually Uses the Services Listed

Disclaimer: This post has a few affiliate links in it, so if you use them I do get a kickback. It helps me keep the lights on around PA and offer free events like the 31 Days to Better Wedding Photography online class coming up December 1st. So if you appreciate all the awesomesauce free knowledge you get from PA, do me a solid and use my links. On the other hand if you hate me, don’t use these links but do use these services anyway.

I know there’s a lot of Black Friday blog posts out there with all the amazing deals you can get all over the internet. This is not the post with the ULTIMATE list of all the deals ever made in the entire internet for photographers this year. This is the blog post of deals, people and things I, personally, think you should be aware of. I’m only listing products and services I’ve used and love personally. Many of these are run by people I know personally and love their message and what they’re doing. There’s a lot of posts out there that just list everything for the sake of it and to make money. I mean I don’t mind a little kickback, but there’s lots of other things I could list that I don’t use and have no experience with just to make a buck. These are the people and things that I think matter, the services that I stand behind. These are the things I use myself. Some of these things I’m not an affiliate for (so I get no compensation for sharing them), I’m just an avid fan of the rad stuff they’re doing and wanted to share it with you.

  • How to Automate Your Business So You Can Drink More Wine and Watch More Netflix – On sale for $149 (usually $199) through 11/30. This class releases today! It has several modules that will go over things like how to automate your email marketing, your client emails, your Instagram outreach, your Instagram posting, your social media posting in general and a few tips to help automate your blog. All the things I’ve done in this course myself, so I’m your crash test dummy for automation. I truly believe (and can’t say it enough) that automating parts of your business is a huge lifesaver. You didn’t get into this business to spend 80 hours a week trying to work 40. You started a business to work less and have more time for the important stuff (or the Netflix watching) so the tools and techniques in this class can help you take your life back as a business owner!
  • How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing – This is a free class on affiliate marketing by yours truly. It’s a 26 minute long video that will introduce you into the art of affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what that is, well look to this entire blog post as sample. It’s full of affiliate links which, when you click on and purchase, may send me a small commission or referral fee. This is an awesome way to earn passive income as a photographer and something  every photographer can afford to incorporate into their blogs, emails and education with clients. If you’re already referring stuff to them you might as well get some extra dollars because of it!
  • Shootproof – Shootproof is doing 40% off annual plans for new users and 40% off upgraded plans for existing users. This is my favorite online gallery software because it’s the ONLY one with an automated email system. I utilize these automated emails to market print sales and more to my clients once I send them their gallery. If you want to know more about why I think Shootproof rocks my socks off go read 9 Reasons Shootproof is the Best and How Shootproof’s Automated Email System Can Help You Sell More!
  • Coschedule – They’re having a huge Cyber Monday sale to keep an eye out on! Coschedule is a social media tool that can help you schedule social media, even fully automate it. Plus it helps you schedule blog posts in advance to blast out to social media. That way you can write your blogs, schedule the marketing and know it’s all done for you. So make sure you head over and check them out on Monday!
  • Get Found with Fuse – At the time I wrote this post I had no idea what deals Fuse would have on her SEO tools and classes. I still don’t, but head over there and check anyway. Even if she doesn’t have a sale her SEO skills are WORTH IT. She’s an amazing boss lady who inspires me every day and she really knows her stuff!
  • Moo – Get yourself some new business cards.
  • B&H Photo – Go buy all your gear here! They have tons of different deals going on with all kinds of equipment!
  • Photography Concentrate – 40% off all Photography Tutorials. These are digital online tutorials and great for new photographers!!
  • Borrow Lenses – Use the code BF2016 to grab 20% off all orders through 11/28
  • Lens Authority – 10% off store wide. The discount is applied automatically! This is the used sales department of Lens Rentals (mentioned below). It’s the first place I go when buying new camera gear because you get quality gear, excellent customer service, solid shipping practices, and the best prices all in one. It’s pretty much too good to be true. Just a secret, I grabbed two D750s for sale with their 10% off on Monday for about $1400 each!! ZOMG! Get your asses over to Lens Authority and use them to buy all your used gear. Also if they don’t have it in stock, just find the listing anyway and sign up for an email notification when they have something in stock. They’re worth the wait.
  • Lens Rentals – Grab 25% off Rentals with the code: BLACKFRIDAY
  • Know YOUR Beautiful Campaign Tees – This is a campaign special to my heart because the woman behind it, LaJune King believes we should know what our beautiful is (so no it’s not a typo). She’s selling tees with her message for 30% off. Go grab one and use the code: KYBBLACKFRIDAY
  • Pixifi – 15% off! For photographers who need studio management software to help keep them organized, Pixifi is the shit. Yeah you can do online contracts and invoices to your clients, which is important and will help you get that paperwork signed and give you a better chance of getting paid faster. The real kicker for me with Pixifi is the amazing automation tools it has. You know I’m a killer for automating. Pixifi’s automated email system allows me to send out resources, tools, and information to my clients the entire time between when they complete their booking until long after their session or wedding takes place. This gives me a lot of room to use the affiliate marketing course mentioned above to make some passive income. Plus it helps develop a lot of trust through consistency by anticipating what my clients need to know before they need to know it. I get nothing but compliments from my brides and grooms about how helpful the emails are and it totally takes emailing clients off my shoulders. Now the reminders about wedding day timelines and what to wear go out without me having to make sure they do. The real reason I stand behind Pixifi is the owner, Tim. You could not meet anyone with more dedication to his customers and customer service than Tim. This is the guy who spent hours digging a client I deleted out of the archives for me. He always goes above and beyond. So when you invest in Pixifi, you’re investing in a true small business and helping Tim put a roof over his family’s head and food on the table.  I know people are hesitant to set up Pixifi because it seems overwhelming, or you tried it out years ago and it was too much. Tim has worked hard to make it easier and easier. I set mine up in about 3 hours or less all on my own and Tim helped answer questions when I needed it. So really – you need to just sit down and dedicate the time to the set up because you won’t be sorry after!
  • Fundy – Fundy is doing a 35% off sale. If you don’t know who Fundy is you might be like WTF Carrie this sounds like something weird. I promise you Fundy is awesome. First because the people behind Fundy are some of the best in the photography industry. They’re just kind souls and good people. I like to share good things that amazing people do. I’m not even an affiliate for them, so I get no kick back talking them up. Fundy is software for photographers. They have several different types of software that include album design, wall gallery design, creating blog collages and more. They have the best album design software in the industry in my opinion.

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